Scaring the Masses

I've got a rather odd AOL profile, and because of this I get IMed by weird people a lot. Some of them turn into good friends; most provide me with five minutes of amusement and irritation before disappearing from view forever. BUT -- forever just got a whole lot shorter, because I've decided to post any and all odd/humorous/kooky IM conversations I have. Right now I have 28 (twenty-eight!) that I feel satisfy the requirements of strangeness that I've set. As soon as another weirdo IMs me asking if I've seen their pet flaming duck lately, I'll get it up here for all to see.

As of 10/11/99, I officially declare that strange conversations with friends also go here.

Part 1 [I kinda feel sorry for this guy.]
Part 2 [Conversation with a friend.]
Part 3 [Another conversation with a friend. And I swear it's not the same friend as the one above!]
Part 4 [This conversation did not actually include me, but my two best friends. I couldn't resist posting it, though.]
Part 5 [We... are... MORONS! That's all I have to say.]
Part 6 [You never can tell what I'll say to you when you sign my guestbook.]
Part 7 [Paranoid Noodle Boy makes another appearance.]
Part 8 [The wizard and the nonsaint in thrilling verbal combat!]
Part 9 [No comment.]
Part 10 [If you've seen the movie, you get it. If you haven't, then you don't. Sorry.]
Part 11 [Pants!]
Part 12 [I'm askeered of socket wrenches, ma.]
Part 13 [Your guess is as good as mine.]
Part 14 [Paradox... head exploding...]
Part 15 [Frolicking upon the Board Thing. Some of the conversation refers to what's being drawn on the board. Deal with it.]
Part 16 [The degree of wit here is almost unbearable.]
Part 17 [Merry borking Christmas!]
Part 18 [Another webpage viewer, just like yourself!]
Part 19 [Parental discretion advised. Though I've done some editing meself. Fancy that... I've edited Jesus.]
Part 20 [I wrote a short story off the mythology surrounding the Notracs. One of these years I should type it up and post it.]
Part 21 [Rhymes galore, and some evil antics of MSN.]
Part 23 [Even more nonsensical. Dear god, do they ever stop?!]
Part 24 [I like it when webpage viewers IM me with amuseful things.]
Part 25 [Babbling at the sister of my wizard is FUN!]
Part 26 [The wizard and his sister also babble to each other.]
Part 27 [And then the wizard babbles at his other friends...]
Part 28 [And then I babble at pseudofruits.]

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I like getting mail. Hint, hint.