Scaring the Masses, part 7

Person: :jumps out a wi...ow! Mean wall that was not a window.
Me: Hey! ::thwaps the wall::
Me: Bad wall! No hurting the paranoid noodle boy!
Person: What's a good word to define? Like if?
Person: .
Person: !
Person: ¿
Person: :jumps out a window. Hah wall!
Me: In the event that.
Person: Simpson's definition taker person.
Me: Laaaag.
Person: On condition that.
Me: That too.
Person: But how would one kablinky the....replace the....
Me: ?
Person: How would you say a sentence that has the, except replace the.
Me: I don't know.
Me: ::watches the duck explode::
Person: ::watches "::watches the duck explode::" appear.
Me: ::watches 'watches "::watches the duck explode::" appear.' appear::
Person: ::watches "'watches "::watches the duck explode::" appear.' appear::" appear.
Me: ::watches that appear::
Me: HAH!
Person: :watches "that" appear...along with "watches" and "appear".
Person: :jumps out a window.
Me: You're strange.
Person: You're weird.
Me: You're odd.
Person: You're abnormal.
Me: You're insane.
Person: You're mad.
Me: You're nuts.
Person: You're crazy.
Me: You're looney.
Person: You're psychotic.
Me: You're cracked.
Person: You're bonkers.
Me: You're crackers.
Person: You're kooky.
Me: You're balmy.
Person: You're loopy.
Me: You're wonked.
Person: You're loco.
Me: You're wacky.
Person: You're dotty.
Me: You're demented.
Person: You're disturbed.
Me: You're inane.
Person: You're fatuous.
Me: You're batty.
Person: You're fruity.
Me: You're nutty.
Person: You're asinine.
Me: You're daft.
Person: You're vacuous.
Me: You're witless.
Person: You're nitwitted.
Me: You're dippy.
Person: You're senseless.
Me: You're absurd.
Person: You're ludicrous.
Me: You're harebrained.
Person: You're nonsensical.
Me: You're irrational.
Person: You're illogical.
Me: You're unbalanced.
Person: You're deranged.
Me: You're brainsick.
Person: You're perturbed.
Me: You're daffy.
Person: You're flustered.
Me: You're unsound.
Person: You're fallacious.
Me: You're cuckoo.
Person: You're zany.
Me: You're distracted.
Person: You're disordered.
Me: You're eccentric.
Person: You're bizarre.
Me: You're preposterous.
Person: You're outre.
Me: You're silly.
Person: You're goofy.
Me: You're afflicted.
Person: You're impaired.
Me: You're foolish.
Person: You're anserine.
Me: You're screwy.
Person: You're enamored.
Me: You're lacustrine.
Person: You're smitten.
Me: You're mashed.
Person: You're derisory.
Me: You're limacine.
Person: You're gaga.
Me: You're shiftless.
Person: You're otiose.
Me: You're fustian.
Person: You're bombast.
Me: You're pusillanimous.
Person: You're superfluous.
Me: You're obstreperous.
Person: You're obstinate.
Person: obstreperous
Person: whoops....
Me: I said that.
Person: wait a minute.....has my font changed? [Yes, his font changed. To Comic Sans MS 8 point, as a matter of fact, the font I use. I didn't feel like putting font on this page. So there. -- Ed.]
Me: ::pokes you::
Me: Yeah, a long time ago.
Person: Wah! How'
Person: d that happen!
Me: You copied something I typed.
Me: The ::watches blah blah::
Person: Oh.
Person: Wheeee!
Me: ::declares herself the winner of the apparent contest we just had::
Person: Wah! Why!
Person: ?
Person: !=?=??.
Me: 'Cause you messed up. ;)
Person: evil enter key.
Me: Excuses, excuses. ;)
Person: I declare the winner of the contest to be not known and undecided...and won't be decided until the kablinkies.
Me: Hey, that's not fair!
Me: What are the kablinkies?
Person: Um.....
Person: :jumps out the window.
Person: How should I know ness?
Me: You brought it up. :P
Person: It's like a war that ends in a peace treaty after losing no ground and gaining no ground...and losing just as much troops and having just as much troops as the opposition.
Me: I see.
Person: No one one....
Person: er won
Me: One!

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