Scaring the Masses, part 21

Me (4:25:43 PM): Domo Arigoto, Mr Roboto.
Person (4:25:55 PM): that's what they say!
Me (4:25:56 PM): Arigato, even.
Me (4:26:00 PM): "They?"
Person (4:26:05 PM): the they ness.
Person (4:26:13 PM): Where???!!
Person (4:26:17 PM): :jumps out the wall/
Me (4:26:17 PM): What where?
Person (4:26:17 PM): .
Me (4:26:20 PM): /!
Person (4:26:28 PM): despair?
Me (4:26:34 PM): Chair?
Person (4:26:36 PM): note the rhyme between despair
and where...
Person (4:26:41 PM): lair
Person (4:26:43 PM): don't you care?
Me (4:26:48 PM): Go over there!
Person (4:27:02 PM): I shan't fare.
Me (4:27:15 PM): Cut your hair.
Person (4:27:28 PM): or that of a mare?
Person (4:27:34 PM): Quite a scare.
Me (4:27:39 PM): Use the spare.
Person (4:27:45 PM): What a dare.
Person (4:28:02 PM): The ground was bare.
Me (4:28:09 PM): For a hectare.
Person (4:28:29 PM): the paper would tear.
Person (4:28:32 PM): And I would glare.
Me (4:28:39 PM): And I would stare.
Person (4:28:50 PM): Just for a pear
Me (4:29:16 PM): Oh, how rare.
Person (4:30:06 PM): what, to wear?
Me (4:30:32 PM): The suit of bear.
Person (4:30:37 PM): Mmm...chocolate eclair...
Me (4:30:54 PM): Is there a pair?
Person (4:32:13 PM): not to share
Me (4:32:25 PM): You're a square!
Person (4:32:46 PM): That's not fair!
Me (4:33:05 PM): Go stick your head in a Frigidaire.
Person (4:34:27 PM): Ack! to breathe air!
Me (4:34:46 PM): Beware, beware!

[short interim during which my provider boots me for no reason -- Ed.]

Me (4:36:47 PM): MSN should move to Zaire.
Person (4:36:57 PM): to what, would you declare?
Person (4:37:01 PM): and that's to beware
Me (4:37:17 PM): It's your turn again, since I did Zaire. :P

[another short getting-booted interim. -- Ed.]

Me (4:39:34 PM): I don't know if there's many left anyway...
Me (4:39:45 PM): Which is what I would have said before I got poofied.
Person (4:39:49 PM): heehee...recorded this should be.
Me (4:39:53 PM): I know.
Me (4:39:59 PM): Got anything to add to it?
Person (4:40:03 PM): and one would shout in glee. but rhyming I shall stop right now
Me (4:40:09 PM): ::tickles you::
Person (4:40:10 PM): and run over it with a plow
Person (4:40:27 PM): heeheehahahohoho. tickling makes me do so.
Me (4:40:31 PM): 'Scuse me while I copy it to post...
Person (4:40:37 PM): ok

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