Scaring the Masses, part 1

(Names changed to irritate any potential stalkers)

Person: hey did you hear a boom to
Me: Excuse me?
Person: i'm from labadieville and i heard a boom then i saw a flash of light
Person: like a white blinding light
Me: ::gasps:: The aliens have returned!
Person: hey a/s
Person: sorry did i interupt anything
Me: No, not really.
Me: I'm just not exactly accustomed to being attacked by IMs from people I don't know.  [Okay, so this isn't exactly truthful. It just sounded good. -- Ed.]
Person: ok are you a male or female and how old are you
sorry again
Person: it just scared the crap out of me and i wanted to know if anyone else saw it
Me: I didn't see/hear anything.
Me: I am 18 years of age, but on the planet from which I come, we don't have sexes. Sorry.
Person: do you know adam landry
Me: Nope.
Person: are you male or female
Me: After several years observing the people of this planet, I guess I would be considered to be female. Not sure, though. Inter-species differences and all.
Person: now your starting to scare the crap out of me
Me: This pleases me.
Person: i can tell
Person: you might know gary
Me: I don't know anyone by that name, no.
Person: computer nerd gary
Person: do you go to assumption
Me: I'm wondering if you have me mistaken for someone else or something.
Person: dom you go to assumtion high school
Person: or did you quit school
Me: There's no Assumption around here that I know of.
Person: you are an alien bye
Person: your ship landed
Me: Oooh, goody.
Person: when i saw that light
Person: can i come to the plaet to
Me: If you don't mind being experimented on.
Person: i'll stay here
Me: That's what people usually say.

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