Scaring the Masses, part 14

Person: Whaddya think?
Me: Wha?
Person: Who?
Me: Which?
Person: Why?
Me: Because I said so.
Person: Oh.
Person: Did you read my story/
Me: Yes, I did.
Person: Did you enjoy it?
Me: I mostly did, though part of it had me confused.
Person: What part?
Me: Well, after the speaker gets wonked in the head, it gets very confusing and "What's going on?" ish.
Person: Ah.
Person: Well, that's intended
Me: ::noodles:: I figured that.
Person: Mmmm...noodles
Me: Also, it sort of goes too fast towards the end, in the last section. ANd yes, yummy noodles.
Person: I was in too much of a rush to wrap things up?
Me: Is that a question or an explanation? <g>
Person: does it seem like that?
Me: Yeth.
Person: Mmmm...I'll have to work on that before I send it in to Asimov's
Me: Indeed.
Me: ::eats Asimov's, saving you the trouble::
Person: Mmmm....Asimov's
Me: Tastes like Spam.
Person: Ewwwwwww
Me: ::blinks:: How sayest thou so?
Person: Spam's nasty.
Me: Is not!
Person: Is so
Me: Not.
Person: So.
Me: Not!
Person: Sooooo!
Me: Not times infinity!
Person: So times infinity plus one!
Me: Not times whatever you say plus one!
Person: So times whateer I say plus two!
Me: Uhoh, paradox.
Me: ::head explodes::
Person: ::wins::
Me: You do not!
Person: I do too.
Me: You do not, and I'm right and you're wrong, so there.
Person: You're never right, and I'm never wrong, therefore you are null and void.
Me: I am?
Person: Null and void!
Me: I thought I was Napoleon.
Me: ::nullandvoids::
Person: Void and null.
Me: Make up your mind!
Person: Vull and noid!
Me: Hee hee.
Person: Vud and noill.
Me: ::offers you an exploding duck::
Person: ::declines::
Me: ::ponders this duck in her hand that's about to exploBOOOOM::
Person: Dave's cat is named Napoleon.
Me: It is?
Person: Is it.
Me: ::defenestrates Dave's cat::
Person: The cat has landed on its feet.
Me: Well, I expected that.

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