Scaring the Masses, part 17

Person 1: AFK!
Person 1: Bak.
Person 2: front
Person 1: Bork!
Person 2: Troz!
Person 1: Bazaroooooooooni!
Person 2: Frooooooooooooon
Person 1: Borkborkboooooooooooom.
Person 2: Forkforkforkfoooooooooooooooooooooooom
Person 1: Foooooomph.
Person 2: Sporkitysporkasporkityspork
Person 1: Borkilyborklilyborkilyborkily, life is but a froooooooooooon.
Person 2: oh froon can you froon, by the froon froon froon froon, where the froooooons froon, with the froon froon froon froon froon
Person 1: Mary had a sporky BORK, sporky BORK, sporky BORK... Mary had a sporky BORK, its froons were all a spork.
Person 2: sporky bork, sporky bork, sporky all the foon, oh what bork it is to spork, in a one bork sporky spork.
Person 1: Oh, sporking through the bork... in a one bork sporky spork... what bork it is to bork... sporking all the bork! Sporks on borktail foon, borking sporks bork... what bork it is to spork and bork, a borking spork tobork!
Person 2: silent bork, foony bork, all is bork, all is foon, round yon borkity bork bork bork bork, bork in borkily bork, bork in borkily bork
Person 1: Bork the sporky borkles fooon, sporky to the borky foon! Spork on bork and borky foon, spork and borkles, sporkenciled.
Person 2: borky all ye borky borks, bork the bork in the bork, bork bork bork bork bork bork foon, bork bork bork, bork bork bork foon, bork the sporky borkles foon, sporky to the borky foon
Person 1: Borkles we have sporked on foon, sporkly borking o'er the borks. And the borkles in sporkly, spork-o-ing their sporky foons. In borkelcios foooooooon.
Person 2: Joy to the spork, the bork is foon, let sporks their borks foooon, let every spork, spork his bork, and borkity bork bork bork, and borkity bork bork bork, and borkity bork bork bork bork
Person 1: We spork you a borky spork-mas, we bork you a spork foon-mas, we foon you a borky spork-mas, and a borky new froon!
Person 2: good borkys we spork to you and your foon, good borkys of spork-mas and a borky new froon
Person 1: Now spork us some borky sporking, now bork us some sporky fooning, now foon us some borky sporking, and bork it spork here!
Person 2: Oh bork, all ye foons, bork in sporky bork, oh bork ye oh bork ye, bork spork bork bork.
Person 2: bork of the bork bork, now in bork a borking
Person 1: Good sporken borks refoon, with spork and bork and foon... err...
Person 2: bork!
Person 1: Yesh, bork.
Person 2: that was borky

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