Scaring the Masses, part 9

Person: ::checks his schedule for tomorrow::
Me: ::looks over your shoulder::
Person: Calc midterm 2... redox handout due... chem prelab 7b... chem oxalate lab... doing green salt part b in lab.
Person: Mmm... maybe I'll just skip to Friday.
Person: Friday: Lunch with Dan.
Me: ::surreptitiously switches places with Dan::
Person: ::checks his schedule for Friday again:: 10-11am Calculus... 12pm Lunch with [my name]... 1pm YMCA. Hmm.
Me: Hee hee.
Person: Better make it a quick drive...
Me: Yup!
Me: If you break the speed of sound I think you'll make it.
Person: I won't get a ticket for that, will I?
Me: Not if the cops can't catch you!
Person: In a Nissan Sentra '91, I don't think the speed of sound is going to be the first thing to break.

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