Scaring the Masses, part 26

Person: hi
Person 2: Floon.
Person: sporkelybork
Person 2: Send the Flan back to Canadia!
Person: what?
Person: Flan?
Person: explain
Person 2: The froons are on the bork! Batten down the mainsail! Close up those loopfruits! We're under major froinlavenbork here!
Person: yoinkenflavenbork you!
Person 2: No, not my eyebrows... not my beautiful tasty precious yummy eyebrows... noooooooooo...
Person: what?
Person: you insane
Person: very messed up I do think so
Person: tell [Napoleon] to talk to me!
Person 2: The Canadians are coming, eh? We'll show them what's eh, eh? Fire the mainspam! Launch all froons on my mork. 4...2...mork!
Person: shes bean quite quiet
Person 2: Take that, you frooning Canadians, eh? That's what's eh, eh?
Person: you are messed up and I want [Napoleon] to talk to me
Person 2: The [Napoleon]sporker said she was afk, and I'm not messed up, I'm all in your heeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadd.
Person: stop killing the canadians then mr thing thats messed up thats living in my head
Person 2: The Canadians are coming, eh! The Canadians are coming, eh!
Person: nothings gonna change my clothes
Person 2: (disclaimer... I have no reason to declare war on Canadia)
Person: and nothings smelling like a rose but I dont care ifno one's coming up for air, I know nothings gonna change my clothes ever any more!
Person 2: Frooge.

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