Scaring the Masses, part 11

Person: Pants.
Me: Shoes?
Person: No, Pants.
Me: How about overalls?
Person: One-size-fits-most pants.
Me: Okay then.
Person: Most, of course, refers to most leprechauns living in Mozambique.
Person: They don't actually fit any known person.
Me: Hmm. Seems rather silly.
Person: Well, I don't make the pants.
Me: True.
Person: But studies have shown that people who buy one-size-fits-most pants are leprechauns that live in Mozambique.
Me: Whose studies?
Person: Studies by Namibian leprechauns.
Me: What if I don't believe in leprechauns?
Person: Then the pants are the least of your problems.
Me: Oh, dear.
Person: If you don't want to believe in little green men, you should see a sort of psychotic.
Me: Here, have a cookie.
Person: Mmm...cookie.

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