Scaring the Masses, part 15

Napoleon: ::mutters::
Napoleon: Closed the wrong window!
Xidus: Mutterbad. Donmutter, peoplecannunstandyou.
Napoleon: ::mutters to herself::
Xidus: ::twirls you out the nearest penguin::
Napoleon: Mutter's a funny word, when you think about it. Or it could be that I'm just tired and hallucinating. <g>
Napoleon: PEnguin!@
Napoleon: @
Xidus: ::refrains from commenting::
Napoleon: No, please comment. I want to hear what you have to say. ;)
Xidus: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooork!
Napoleon: Hee hee.
Napoleon: I just literally said "Hee hee hee hee," which was kinda scary.
Xidus: That's my comment, and I'm sticking to it.  ::looks for the superglue::
Napoleon: ::eats the superglue::
Xidus: I do that frequently in real life. Not often in response to online commentry, though.
Napoleon: Well, practically all I have to react to is online commentary. <g>
Napoleon: ::notes that as soon as teh song after this one is done playing, she's poofing::
Napoleon: Teh.
Xidus: ::notes that the picture just got a lot borkier::
Napoleon: Yes, it did.
Xidus: I wonder how that happened.
Xidus: ::hides the Borkify tool behind his back::
Napoleon: ::snickers::
Xidus: ::borkifies you::
Napoleon: Argh, I wish I didn't have to type to communicate, I'm typoing every other letter! <g>
Napoleon: ::curls up on ground and begins snoring::
Xidus: Whop.
Random: i'm cooooooooooooold
Xidus: ::wonders if Random fell asleep at the jeyboard::
Xidus: Oh, there's Random. >g>
Napoleon: I'm cold too. Here, have another sweater.
Xidus: ::nukes both of you::
Napoleon: Eeeeeeek, I've beennuked!
Xidus: Mmm, 3000 degrees.
Napoleon: ::glows::
Xidus: Nice and toasty now?
Napoleon: Yes, and glowing green.
Xidus: You're your own nightlight!
Napoleon: I'm my own blue canary in the outlet by the lightswitch.
Napoleon: I am incredibly amazed that I didn't mangle that last word.
Random: are you watching over me?
Xidus: That too, if you care to make gratuitous TMBG references.
Xidus: Which I know you do.
Napoleon: I'm watching over both of you! OooOOOoooh...
Napoleon: ::TMBGs::
Xidus: How spiffy for you.
Xidus: Shall we save the picature?
Napoleon: Yes!
Xidus: My load dialog borked out on me, I'm not sure I can save anymore.
Napoleon: Penguins andmice and dust puppies, oh my.
Napoleon: I'll ave.
Xidus: Saaaaaaaaave!
Napoleon: Save.
Xidus: Don't forget pretzels.
Xidus: ::ponders the existence of a space dinosaur once again::
Xidus: Ack, drawed-upon picature.
Napoleon: ::ponders the large backwards three::
Xidus: E!
Xidus: I would guess so, anyway.
Xidus: Spookily good.
Napoleon: Boswell is just too good.
Xidus: ::nukes it::
Napoleon: (Boswell being the guy who did this)
Napoleon: Mmm, nuked.
Napoleon: Uh oh, Hotel Detective is over... tedbime.
Napoleon: ::yawns for emphasis::
Xidus: Mmm, hypercubical.
Napoleon: Scary.
Random: is what you get when you stick a cube in soap
Xidus: Soap?
Random: yes
Napoleon: Again, soap?
Xidus: I... see. In the least seeing way possible.
Random: if you make a cube of of straws, dip it in bubbles, you get that
Napoleon: ::nearly types Spam for some crazy reason::
Xidus: Oh, bubbles.
Random: yeah, soap
Xidus: I was thinking solid soap.
Random: no, liquid
Napoleon: Ditto.
Xidus: ::notes that he almost typed 'I was thinking spam'
Xidus: I was thinking spam too.
Napoleon: ::laughs::
Napoleon: Spam!
Xidus: ::pokes Napoleon:: Be careful, you're too tired to be laughing a lot. You might sprain your funny bone.
Napoleon: ::laughs so hard that she sprains her funny bone and has to go to the hospitabable::
Xidus: Hospitababble!
Napoleon: Precisely.
Napoleon: I go bed now.
Xidus: Nooooooooo!
Xidus: Stay up, be silly.
Napoleon: I'm so tired that I can't type straight!
Xidus: You can draw with us, though.
Napoleon: I have to keep backspaing and it's driving me nuts and I'm just faling aslezzzzzzzzzzz...
Napoleon: ::snores::
Napoleon: Sine!
Xidus: Sinely!
Napoleon: I love sine waves!
Napoleon: ::hugs the sine wave::
Xidus: Mmm, nonpointful.
Napoleon: Oh, my gosh, I'm terrfied.
Napoleon: TerrIfied.
Napoleon: Sheesh.
Xidus: Say it again!
Xidus: Terrified!
Napoleon: Terrifififified.
Xidus: Heehee.
Napoleon: Terrimafied.
Xidus: ::says it in real life too::
Napoleon: ::does likewise::
Xidus: ::chants to formula to himself::
Xidus: s/to/the/
Napoleon: I'm not going that far. :P
Xidus: Eyebrow equals spam times cheese over foon squared!
Napoleon: Of course it does, dear. ::pats you on the head::
Xidus: ::doesn't remember that one::
Napoleon: What does that say?
Xidus: M equals something
Napoleon: Ah.
Napoleon: It does indeed.
Napoleon: Mmm, Poisson-y.
Xidus: ::doesn't know that one::
Napoleon: I learnded it in probstat.
Napoleon: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, integrals!
Xidus: Ah.
Napoleon: ::runs screaming::
Napoleon: That's from 0 to 42 if you can't tell.
Xidus: Zuhwhere?
Xidus: Och!
Napoleon: Nowhere, apparently.
Napoleon: Y'know... this must be that "new math".
Xidus: Zuh?
Xidus: What happened to my limit equation?
Napoleon: I'm not sure.
Xidus: I can't even read it.
Napoleon: I think it was overrun by lima beans.
Napoleon: Stupid lima beans.
Napoleon: ::is laughing::
Random: sorr
Napoleon: Who knew calculus could be fun? <g>
Random: sorry
Xidus: ::hugs Random:: Is okay.
Random: i saw Lim, i thought 'needs an A!'
Napoleon: Hee hee.
Xidus: Heehee.
Random: so i put one
Napoleon: ::hee hees at Jereremy::
Xidus: The limit as bork approaches 42 of sillyness is insaniteeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Napoleon: Randompoof!
Xidus: Random... poof?
Xidus: Random unpoof.
Napoleon: She's back now, though.
Napoleon: Hmm... I thought I was going to bed.
Xidus: Heehee. The conspiracy worked.
Xidus: ::yawns widely enough to eat his monitor::
Napoleon: Aww, I wanted to eat it!
Random: no sleeping
Random: no no no
Xidus: I know, just yawning.
Napoleon: Yes sleeping, yes yes yes.
Xidus: Nooooooooooo
Xidus: Have fun with calculus and lima beans!
Napoleon: I'm really dead. I don' tthink I can maintain coherency much longer.
Random: ::mutters at nonsaints who want to buy dvd players for lizard queens::
Napoleon: ::defenetrates said nonsaints::
Napoleon: ::DEFENESTRATES them::
Xidus: Defenstrate!
Napoleon: Defenetrate.
Xidus: You seem pretty coherent to me, but I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiired too.
Xidus: I'm hitting backspace more than all my other keys put together...
Random: no tired
Random: bad
Random: amuseme
Random: please
Xidus: Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired, but not sleeepying.
Napoleon: I'm doing both.
Xidus: More calculus, or should I go on to non-euclidean geometry? >g>
Napoleon: Spam.
Xidus: ::suddenly remembers that he doesn't know that yet::
Napoleon: Then do some of it!
Napoleon: Learn by doing!
Xidus: Do my stacked blocks count as non-euclidean since they're not  square? >g>
Napoleon: ::begins quoting FFA motto, which she just reminded hersel fof::
Napoleon: Sure.
Xidus: fof!
Napoleon: ::fofs::
Xidus: ::ponders the fact that he just opened his eyes and found himself facedown on his keyboard::
Napoleon: (the fact ponders back)
Xidus: If I blink too slowly, I fall asleep, apparently.
Xidus: ::yawns widely enough to eat nearby oddpeople::
Napoleon: Don't eat me again!
Xidus: Mmm, chewy, with a hint of spam.
Napoleon: Mmm... Spam.
Xidus: Oddfellows!
Napoleon: Wha?
Xidus: Nossing.
Napoleon: K.
Xidus: ::stands on his head, despite its repeated complaints::
Napoleon: I'm waiting till it's 1:30 by my watch, then I'm really going.
Xidus: Yeah, sure. ::tickles you::
Napoleon: t-minus one minute.
Napoleon: ::squimrs::
Xidus: Go by your computer clock!
Xidus: Mmm, trumpet chorus.
Napoleon: Okay, t-minus -9 minhtes.
Napoleon: MINUTES!
Xidus: Hurroodle!
Napoleon: ::beats her keyboard with he4r watch::
Xidus: ::decides to compose some more poetry::
Napoleon: Poetry, where poetry?
Xidus: I'm thinking of some.
Xidus: I wanna write a haiku.
Xidus: How do haikueys go?
Napoleon: 5 7 5.
Napoleon: Generally about nature.J
Napoleon: Don't ask me how that J got in there.
Xidus: I want to write poetry/preferably a haiku/but I can't count  syllables
Napoleon: Then you're in trouble.
Xidus: It -IS- a haiku!
Napoleon: Not traditional format.
Xidus: that's because I cant' count.
Xidus: Or type.
Napoleon: It is not that hard/You must simply learn to count,/Strange little wizard.
Napoleon: ::bows::
Xidus: ::jawdrops::
Xidus: Amazining.
Napoleon: Hey, you dropped your jaw back there. ::points to ground::
Xidus: I wish to write stuff/haikus are neat and something/something something else
Xidus: Yay me!
Napoleon: ::laughs loudly::
Xidus: ::is laughing too, out loud, showing his tiredness::
Napoleon: Geech, look at the time/At the rate that I'm going/I shall sleep by  dawn
Xidus: ::reinserts his jaw and laughs even louder with its assistance::
Napoleon: Hee hee.
Xidus: Okay by me.
Random: i like monkeys yes/ mapricotkeys are cool/ i like them a lot
Random: is that one?
Napoleon: Not enough in the middle line.
Random: oh
Napoleon: What's a marpicotkey?
Napoleon: Er, mapricotkey.
Xidus: Map-ri-ca-tonk-eys are cool
Random: yeah
Napoleon: That's not what she typed!
Xidus: It's what she meant!
Random: that's what i ment
Napoleon: ::nitpicks::
Xidus: ::defenestrates your nits::
Napoleon: Whee, look at them go/All my little nits just went/Through that  window there.
Napoleon: Help, I'm haikuing and I cna't stop!
Xidus: Yesh, that's a haiku/and this would be one too/but i missed something
Napoleon: Hee hee..
Xidus: A syllable, I think.
Napoleon: Yup.
Xidus: ::continues to laugh::
Xidus: This is insanely amusing.
Napoleon: We scare me so much/You'd think I'd be dead by now/ Of a heart attack
Random: eeeeeek
Napoleon: Eeeeek?
Random: ::turns the channel::
Napoleon: What?
Random: Reeeeeta on my tv
Napoleon: Reeeta?
Random: the extra e's are for extra contempt
Napoleon: What are we talking about?
Random: Rita Sever, my foe!
Napoleon: Who?
Random: evil person
Random: who is on channel 4
Poofed Xidus: ::redefenestrateloads Netscape::
Random: she hosts the show that's on after conan on fridays
Napoleon: Yay, the wizard's back/He is now anonymouse/Oh, look, now he's not.
Napoleon: I see.
Napoleon: ::ponders the anonymouse and the poofitying wizard::
Poofed Xidus: Evilevilevil
Napoleon: Is it eating you?
Poofed Xidus: Too tired to think/too sleepy to count sylla/bles and something else
Napoleon: ::snickers::
Poofed Xidus: Mmm, hyphenation is a wonderful thing.
Poofed Xidus: And so easily abused... ahhh.
Napoleon: It's also cheating. ;)
Poofed Xidus: ::notes that he tried to go to to get here::
Poofed Xidus: Cheat, schmeet.
Napoleon: Naplenose!
Napoleon: ::is amused::
Poofed Xidus: The rarely-used but much-amuseding nickname.
Napoleon: Yup.
Napoleon: ::yells at the board thing and her computer and whatever else is responsible for not having voice chat capability stuff, 'cause she's tired of typing::
Poofed Xidus: I'm glad I can count/haikus will be my friends now/five more syllables?
Napoleon: "I shall eat somem Spam."
Napoleon: Somem?
Poofed Xidus: Unsigned Java App/let Window, hmm? well al/righty then, Netscape.
Napoleon: ::counts syllables::
Napoleon: Middle's toop short!
Napoleon: ::toops::
Poofed Xidus: I think I shall speak/frequently in haiku form/just for fun, you see.
Napoleon: It is very fun./Often I can't do it cause/People get annoyed.
Poofed Xidus: :::gives the heroic couplet a medal::
Napoleon: Wha?
Poofed Xidus: Just randomness floating through what passes for a brain at 1:41 am::
Napoleon: ::!
Poofed Xidus: Randomness floats by/my brain feels banana-like/all smushed in pieces
Poofed Xidus: ::scares himself::
Napoleon: I just had a thought/We might want to save this for/Scaring the Masses.
Poofed Xidus: Scary haiku is/yes, beware the dark side luke, and/stop counting syllables on your fingers
Napoleon: ::laughs::
Poofed Xidus: Heehee. I don't have a complete log of it, being defenestrated at all.
Poofed Xidus: s/at/and/
Napoleon: I does.
Napoleon: ::listens to stopwatch beep::
Poofed Xidus: ::applauds::
Poofed Xidus: Och!
Napoleon: Beepbeep. Beepbeep. Beepbeep. Beepbeep. Beepbeep. Beepbeep. Beepbeep. Beepbeep. Beepbeep.
Napoleon: Why do you keep saying och?
Poofed Xidus: Beep beep beep beep beep/beep beep beep beep beep beep beep/beep beep beep beep beep
Poofed Xidus: Censored haiku?
Napoleon: ::covers mouth to not laugh too loud and wake sibs::
Poofed Xidus: Och de leibnitz!
Napoleon: Oh, my gosh that is FUNNY!
Poofed Xidus: Wait... wasn't he a math genius?
Napoleon: Who?
Poofed Xidus: It's the first syllable in some German phrase. 'Och'
Napoleon: Och du leiber or something.
Poofed Xidus: Pronoonced 'Ock'
Poofed Xidus: Yesh, or something.
Napoleon: I'm just wondering why you're saying it all of a suddenly.
Poofed Xidus: No reason... just needed something other than Ack for a while.
Napoleon: Ahh, I see.
Napoleon: ::likes ack::
Poofed Xidus: Yes, I'll go back to it when I get tired of och. (no pun intended)
Napoleon: ::sees no potential pun::
Poofed Xidus: ::is cracking up::
Poofed Xidus: There isn't one! That's why I didn't intend one!
Napoleon: Ah.
Poofed Xidus: Don't you hate it when people say that and it takes forever for you to find the pun?
Napoleon: Mmm, cracked wizard.
Napoleon: Yesh.
Poofed Xidus: Incredibly cracked, especially at this hour.
Poofed Xidus: I wish they'd just leave the comment out and let me see the pun if there's one there.
Poofed Xidus: ::vows to use (no pun intended) more frequently in the future::
Poofed Xidus: Just to annoooooooooy people!
Napoleon: I only say it when my accidental pun is so blatantly obvious that it owuld make their eyes bleed.
Poofed Xidus: ::collapses in a heap of quivering laughter::
Poofed Xidus: Toooooooooo tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired
Napoleon: WHy?
Poofed Xidus: Everything seems excessively funny right now.
Poofed Xidus: Mmm... sleep deprivation, the best medicine.
Napoleon: I just nearly typed something with 'but' in it, but it came out 'burt'.
Napoleon: ::wonders who Burt is::
Poofed Xidus: Ert and bernie?
Napoleon: Sure.
Napoleon: ::ponders the nice welt on her hand that she just got from her evil hair tie thingamajigger::
Poofed Xidus: Sounds pretty seriously evil.
Napoleon: Rather painful, too.
Napoleon: Is anyone else as scared as I am?
Poofed Xidus: Massively froonly.
Napoleon: We must save this one for the colorchangingness.
Poofed Xidus: Heehee, yup.
Random: this will look good replayed
Napoleon: Take forever, too!
Re-poofed Xidus: Wow, I just sawi t replaed.
Re-poofed Xidus: Nifty-spoof.
Napoleon: Wow!
Napoleon: It's trippy, man!
Re-poofed Xidus: haikuness is a/musing as is watching co/lors scroll and boingy
Napoleon: Wizards who insist/On cheating in their haikus/Will be tickled soon.

This piece of web madness created, implemented and maintained by Napoleon.
I like getting mail. Hint, hint.