Scaring the Masses, part 20

This is a friend of mine pretending to be an alien named Notrac Klim, stringing my gullible brother along. Unfortunately the first part of the conversation is forever lost, but this part has been preserved! Oh, and my brother uses a lot of brackets. I apologize for the fact that they look like editor's remarks.

Person: What were your questions?
Person: My, computer? malfunctioned and I lost all previous transmissions
Brother: How did your planet's orbit decay,how did you survive,and how far were your people advanced[I doubt that you didn't have spaceships.]?
Person: Our planet just suddenly headed toward the sun, perhaps our scientists knew why, but they aren't exactly alive to say.
Person: I was on vacation when it happened, it was very hard to recive permission to leave the planet's surface, which is why I'm the only one left.
Person: By this planets standards, i guess we were pretty advanced. You don't have interstellar travel yet, and you still have diseases.
Brother: how far away was Yriad, where were you during your vacation, why did you pick earth,and do you know the number and names of aliens that you people encounted?
Person: Yriad is about 2 lightyears past what you would call Alpha Centri, my spelling isn't all that well, I'm still somewhat new to this languge program.
Person: I was vacationing on the planet Taem, which is where my brother Notrac Trugoy was liveing with his wife Teltuc Laev
Brother: how long have you been here[Alpha Centauri is the correct spelling,no offense.]?
Person: I've only been here for, 2 of your years.
Brother: no comma after for [no offense.]
Person: I remained on Taem 3 earth years after the perishing consolling Laev, Trugoy returned to Yriad shortly before to visit with our parents and thus is no longer with us.
Brother: why did you pick earth,do you know the number and names of aliens that your people encounted,do your people have colonies,and if they do ,then wouldn't they be survivors too?
Person: I picked earth because it seemed interesting.
Person: I don't understand very well this 'alien'
Person: We view the peoples of the universe more as what you would think of as 'races'
Person: We don't have colonies, I am the only surviver because i was the only person who had permante residence on Yriad who wasn't there. It would be as if a airplane crashed. The person who missed the flight would be a surviver. Or if one of your cities was destroyed the person who was visiting friends and wasn't present survived.
Person: Unless i have your word survive incorrect.
Brother: aliens are sentient creatures that are on other planets.if you're on earth,shouldn't people notice you[if you look like a human that is.],a survivor is a person who doesn't die of an accident.
Person: Oh. I am the only person of Yriad who wasn't killed then.
Person: Looking like other peoples is not difficult
Person: it only requires one to have the means to blend in.
Person: If one consentrates? enough they can shift? shape
Brother: how do you blend in,what do you really look like,and why are you telling me this?
Person: You'd call it 'shape shifting' i believe.
Person: For a people who can look however they want to there is no 'really look like'
Person: and I'm bored, so i talk.
Brother: where do you live,how are old you,and do you have human parents?
Person: I live in what i believe to be known as Minnesota. I'm roughly 68 earth years old, though the earth callender isn't the year universal, and there isn't really any specific converting equation
Person: Why would I have human parents if I am not of here
Brother: skip that,my mistake.
Person: Alright.
Brother: i think "all right" is spelled that way.
Person: Very well.
Brother: did your race encounter any alien races?
Person: There are other peoples we have met, yes.
Brother: do you know the names of the alien races that your people encountered?
Person: We don't use names except for the identity of individuals
Person: We are known as the people of our planets
Person: people of Taem, people of Elbatiev, people of Niarg
Person: I seem to have made a 'typo'
Person: Elbatigev
Person: is the correct
Brother: is that all your know?
Person: There are many peoples in the universe
Person: Surely you do not wish to see a list of all, would take too long to speak
Person: Those are just the other planets in the Spuorg Doof
Brother: that's okay, I probably have all of them on my lists anyway[unless your race encountered more than 40,200 aliens].what is the Spuorg Doof?
Person: smaller than what you would call a Galaxy
Person: Taem and Yriad both shared the same star
Brother: how big,the distance of a star system,perhaps?
Person: Would you like to know the truth about the universe?
Brother: yes,and what gender are you in your human form?
Person: Female
Person: In fact, you've met me.
Person: I'm [her name], you know, [Napoleon]'s friend? I was bored.
Person: If you reverse just about every name and place i gave you, you may find it amuseing
Person: I am Milk Carton from the planet Dairy, my brother is Yogurt Carton, he's married to Veal Cutlet from Meat
Person: and the other planets are Vegitable and Grain, and the galaxy is Food Groups
Person: and on, the star is Cow, thus Dairy and Meat both were in that solar system
Brother: nice joke, i didn't believe you were an alien anyway.
Person: I was faily obvious
Person: if you'd reversed any of the places or names you would have gotten it
Person: hee hee "What is Me-At?" [I had told her that he was verbally pronouncing 'meat' as having two syllables -- Ed.]
Brother: meat,i guess.
Person: Duh
Person: if it's orbiting the sun Cow, what else would it be
Brother: see you later,[her previous usual screenname]
Person: i dont' use that anymore
Brother: sorry,bye.

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