Scaring the Masses, part 18

(I've kept the basic idea of the other person's name, while changing it enough so they shan't be stalked.)

aimsucks42: Hiyo! I just saw Napoleon.Xidus.Net, and by the way, this automated message is pretty stupid. Pretty neat trick that I figured out how to edit it before sending. I must be a gee-nee-ass.
Me: You also have tiny font.
aimsucks42: I sure do.. better?
Me: Much.
aimsucks42: I liked your page so much I downloaded AIM again. How's that for dedicated and/or moronic?
Me: Wow, I don't know whether to be complimented or scared. Or maybe both.
aimsucks42: I would suggest both..
Me: Well, I apologize for making you download a program you obviously don't like very much.
aimsucks42: Not your fault. All my own.
aimsucks42: TMBG cursors rock,..
Me: Thankee.
aimsucks42: Wow, I do not know what to say. I've never clicked someone's contact button before and I must say it's an experience unlike any other. I don't know whether to keep blabbing, or to remove AIM from my computer, and pretend it was a prank phone call gone wrong..
Me: Well, pick one or the other. ;)
aimsucks42: ROFL
This is just like the time I called the phone booth in the middle of the mojave desert.
Me: Did anyone answer?
aimsucks42: Yup. That's why I didn't know what to say.. I was like "Uhh .. hi.. there're people there? Wow.. um.. hi ... uhh"
Me: ::snickers::
aimsucks42: I actually am more articulate, sometimes....
Me: Only sometimes, eh?
aimsucks42: Yeah. I do sleep approximately 34% of the time.
Me: Ahh, and you wouldn't be articulate at that time. At least I hope not.
aimsucks42: I don't talk in my sleep.. I stayed up all night one night to make sure of it.
Me: ::almost points out the illogic of that, then decides not to::
aimsucks42: Damn!
Me: Would you prefer I had?
aimsucks42: It would have caused me to ">:D" but it's too late now.
Me: Oh. I'm sorry.
aimsucks42: Eh. I'll forgive you. *waves wand of forgiveness*
Me: Huzzah!
aimsucks42: All hail the HTML girl!
Me: Yes, and shower her with cans of Spam!
aimsucks42: As a joke, I was going to buy cans of spam, and stuff the local ISP's [snail] mail box with them.... I suppose since I didn't do that, I can shower you with them
aimsucks42: *toss*
Me: Wheeeeouchouchouchouch!
Me: Forgot they had corners. ::rubs head::
aimsucks42: !!! Sorry sorry.
Me: Not your fault... ::yells at the spam cans::
aimsucks42: I've actually never eaten spam.
Me: Wow. You're missing out.
aimsucks42: Is there anything in the natural meat world to compare it to?
Me: Hmm...
Me: I can't think of anything at the moment.
aimsucks42: Drat. Does that mean I'll have to actually pony up nearly a dollar for a can of it, just to see?
Me: Nearly a dollar? It costs $2.29 here! On sale!
aimsucks42: 99¢ up the street :)
Me: Wow! Where do you live? I need to move there right away!
aimsucks42: Clyde, North Carolina... come soon, the yankees are invading.
Me: ::writes it down on her hand so she won't forget it::
aimsucks42: Now that I've gone and given that away, I suppose I'll be stalked soon? (not an egotist, but currently playing one on TV)
Me: Well, I don't exactly have airfare to get out there right now, sorry. ;)
aimsucks42: Ah well. Don't know if I could handle a stalker in my current schedule. We'll have to work something out. :)
Me: Yup!
aimsucks42: You're surprisingly friendly and/or intelligent sounding for a random web person. Are you from the government?
Me: Of course... not... ::whispers something into wristwatch::
aimsucks42: Damn. That's what I suspected. *hears knock at door*
Me: I know nothing...
aimsucks42: Grrrr. We have ways of making you talk. -talk+watch Inspector Gadget reruns
Me: Eeeeeeeek!
aimsucks42: >:D
aimsucks42: (Knew I'd get one of those in, sooner or later.)
Me: Hey, you got a chance to say it! Yay!
Me: ::kills lag::
aimsucks42: If you could actually do that...
Me: Oh, that'd be great. Sell my abilities and retire young.
aimsucks42: Then you could take that vacation/stalking outing you always wanted.
Me: Yeah, I could!
aimsucks42: *marking date on calendar*
Me: What date are you marking, exactly?
aimsucks42: The date after when you discover lag-kill powers, after retiring, just before taking said vacation.
Me: How do you know what date that'll be? You can't... can't... tell the... future, can you?
aimsucks42: *whistle*
Me: ::hides under the desk::
aimsucks42: *puts on Nine Inch Nails with Spice Girls - Closer To Spice.mp3*
Me: Mmm, scary mp3.
aimsucks42: Hilarious. Wish it would have actually happened..
Me: I see.
aimsucks42: Rather than being a cheezy mix, that is.
Me: Mmm... cheeze.
aimsucks42: A dimension not of sight and sound, but of cheez.
Me: ::blinks:: Who are you and how did you know I was looking at Twilight Zone pages right now?
aimsucks42: AHA! THAT's where that's from!
Me: ::instructs everyone to please get out of her head now::
aimsucks42: *putting on They Might Be Giants - The Lion Sleeps Tonight.mp3 while leaving*
Me: Huzzah!
Me: Is it Jim? I don't know.
aimsucks42: Jim...?
Me: I'm singing along with the song. :P
aimsucks42: That's not in my song...!
Me: It's in -my- version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight!
aimsucks42: Eh? Send me yours?
Me: Only have the CD, I'm afraid.
aimsucks42: *pout*
Me: I know a site that might have the mp3.
aimsucks42: I just downloaded this one. I now realize it's not TMBG at all. >:(
Me: Ahh. Is it the original one from however long ago?
aimsucks42: I think so. It's hard to tell; the quality is horrible.
Me: Do a search, it'll turn up stuff.
aimsucks42: Neat! thanks
Me: No prob.
aimsucks42: Seems to be down now, however.. I will add to my bookmarks.
Me: Odd... was working for me just now.
Me: Perhaps its server is being silly. was down yesterday, so maybe this was down too and it isn't quite sure it's up yet.
aimsucks42: Quite possibly. I just ran another search and apparently got everything as a result.
Me: Ah.
aimsucks42: AHHH! Smells Like Teen Spirit?!?!
Me: Wha?
aimsucks42: :D :D :D
Me: ::blinks at you::
aimsucks42: They apparently have TMBG doing SLTS!
Me: Ahh.
aimsucks42: Wow, this rocks more than I originally imagined. I am now indebted to you for life, or a couple weeks, whichever comes first.
Me: ::grins:: Glad to hear it.
aimsucks42: Wow, you're more of a night owl than I am. :) Good night.
Me: Toodles!

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