Scaring the Masses, part 12

Me: Hmm... I guess you're even cooler than I previously thought you were. ;)
Person: ::bows:: Why thank you. I just started typing... and... couldn't stop... ::twitch::
Me: Mmm, twitchy.
Person: Yes, sometimes nervous tics can be fun. But not nervous ticks. They just suck blood at a frantic, anxious pace.
Me: I don't know from experience, but I shall take your word for it.
Person: Trust me, you don't want experience in that field.
Me: I'll bet.
Person: So... um... socket wrench.
Me: Eeeek! Where?! ::runs::
Person: Shh... don't worry... it's been sedated.
Me: Whew, that's a good thing.
Person: Yes.
Me: ::pokes it with a stick::
Person: Careful... you never know when it'll OHMYGOD IT'S WAKING UP! RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIIIIVES!
Me: Eeeeeeeeeek!
Me: ::dies of terror::
Person: ::attempts to use the Force on socket wrench::
Me: ::resurrects self:: Does it work?
Person: It seems to be... ::waves hand:: These are not the droids you're looking for.
Me: Teehee.
Me: Credits will be fine.
Person: ::blank look:: Huh? I'm afraid I don't get your reference. Freak.
Me: Thank you.
Person: You're velcro.
Me: Hey, how'd you know that?
Person: The way you kept sticking to things with no apparent adhesive kinda tipped me off.
Me: Oh, yeah.
Me: Well... I could be duct tape.
Person: True.

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