Scaring the Masses, part 4

Person: Borkborkbork!
Other Person: Foofoofoo!
Person: Bazbazbaz!
Other Person: Barbarbar!
Person: Zubzubzub!
Other Person: Sporksporkspork!
Person: Spoooooooooooooon!
Other Person: Foooooooooooooon!
Person: Spooooooooooooork!
Other Person: Booooooooooooork!
Person: Frooooooooooooooody!
Other Person: Froodfroodfrood
Person: Hoooooooooooooopy!
Other Person: Snarflebartfast!
Person: Slartibartfast?
Other Person: no, his brother, Snarfle
Person: Oooh, snarfly.
Other Person: He's the one in charge of designing creeks
Person: Not the fiddly little fjords?
Other Person: Nope, just creeks.

(Well, I'm amused, aren't you?)

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