Scaring the Masses, part 16

Person: hiyo
Me: BOrk~
Me: Er, !
Person: re
Me: Re?
Person: er backwards, of course
Me: Ahh.
Person: well, gotta get back to studying, gots finals all next wekk, yee ha
Me: Ick, me too.
Person: actually, maybe i'll jsut go to bed
Person: fun fun fun
Person: i have 5
Me: ::eats your bed::
Person: and a paper too
Person: ha, i have 2 beds
Me: I ate your bed!
Me: Aww...
Person: ha ha
Me: ::eats the other one too::
Person: doh!
Me: Muahahaha.
Person: ....well, i guess that means i'll be studying
Me: Hee.
Person: ha ha, so the jokes really on YOU! because i'll be studying instead of sleeping, i'll get really smart, become teh next bill gates, make millions, monopolize some industry, and then be rich!
Me: And then you'll give me a small country!
Person: and of course you'll work for me, because i monopolized everything
Person: sure one small country coming up
Me: ::steps on the small country and smooshes it:: Ooops.
Person: that's ok! i'll just buy another one!
Me: Hee hee.
Person: gosh, being rich is great
Person: that was just a test country anyway
Me: Oh, good.
Person: so now that you've prooved you inefficiency as a ruler of a small country, you'll have to go through a training course called "Ruling small 3rd world countries" before i can authroize you another one
Me: Aw, man!
Person: actually i'm female
Me: Oh, really? Hadn't noticed.
Me: ::runs away::
Person: funny, i took a shower this morning
Me: Didn't your mother ever tell you not to take things that dont' belong to you?
Person: i know, but i've been so good about not taking showers, that i thought no one would mind
Me: Well, I mind!
Person: Hi, I (points to self) Shanna
Me: ::snickers::
Person: mmmmmm, yes please
Me: I only have milky ways.
Person: not even chocolate milky ways?
Person: what good is that
Me: SOrry.
Person: that's ok, i'll accept your apology seeing as you admitted to being totally inferior in intelligence, witt, and smell.
Me: Um, why are you talking to that mirror?
Person: hardy har har
Person: it's a 2 way mirror and you're on the other side
Me: No, I'm not. No, I"m not. I'm outside the window.
Me: ::looks down and wonders why the ground is so far awaaayyyySPLAT::
Person: that made me think of gravy
Me: Here, have some gravy.
Me: Brown gravy. Don't ask waht flavor 'brown' is, you don't want to konw.
Person: in that case, Alex, i'll go with starts with X for $1000
Me: The answer is: Spam.
Person: doh! the little presser button-thingy doesn't work! I knew that one!
Me: Yeah, right. Excuses, excuses.
Person: where!? i'm allergic!
Me: Right next to your shoulder!
Person: phew* am i glad i had that removed!
Me: I reattached it when you weren't looking.
Person: achhhHhhhh
Me: ::cackles at you::
Person: HEY! that's not MY shoulder! you must have gotten mine confused with a giant man-eating tigers
Me: Gee, must have been a... mistake... eheh...
Person: i'm hungry, mmmm, people...with gravy
Person: ....yep, definately man-eating tiger
Me: Good, I chose wisely.
Me: I mean... er.. .hi.
Person: hi! want to be my sup...i mean friend?
Me: I don't know... might be hazardous to my health.
Person: but making ME healthy is worth the sacrfice!
Person: think of it, we could rename you! Napoleon, "part of this complete breakfast!"
Me: But I don't *want* to be breakfast!
Person: ok, you could be lunch, i suppose, but only th is time
Me: I don't want to be a meal at all. Nor a snack.
Person: how about desert?
Person: au d'oerve?
Me: Here, have some Spam.
Person: mmmmm, Super processessed american moms
Me: Spaghetti pieces and mice.
Person: spanish princesses, ardvark, macaroni
Me: Argh, my battery's low.
Me: ::goes looking for plugin cord::
Person: you should get the copper-top battery, that rabbit never dies, even though he's pink
Me: Just wait till I get my hands on that rabbit... BOOOOM with the tactical nuke.
Me: Let's see him keep going then!
Person: oooo, radioactive pink (kinda with green halo) rabbit
Me: Teehee.
Person: gots to skedaddle, au revior!
Me: Okely doke.
Person: bye-o
Person: good luck with finals
Me: You too.
Person: thsknmks

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