A log of megalomaniacal updatings to this sprawling virtual wasteland.

All times are by my computer clock, which I know is about 10 minutes fast but which I'm way too lazy to fix.

1/10/00 10:28 PM -- Finally! Yes! Snail Dust is ready for the public! Also updated Find-the-Monkey, adding a voting link for the Top 100 Humor Sites... so vote for us, dangit! And then read Snail Dust.

3/9/00 7:58 PM -- Really, really, really sorry for not updating in so long. Actually there were a few updates along the way, but I forget what they were. Oops. Anyway, there's now six new segments in Scaring the Masses to entertain you. Soon I'll be updating the Paisley Side page (there's like three new members that aren't on the list -- and they need membership cards, so I must do that eventually), and posting new work by Sheriff Sam, and maybe writing about my recent time in the hospital (gallbladder removal).

6/24/00 4:48 AM -- I've just begin what I hope will wind up being a fairly big site overhaul.  I need to change that nagivation graphic, for one thing.  Eesh.  I fixed some booboos on a few pages, never mind what they were, the good changes are coming soon.  I hope.  Lazy me!

7/14/00 10:01 PM -- well, so I haven't gotten all that much work done yet.  Blerg, eat you.  I did just overhaul the StM pages and add five new ones!  Yay me!  Also, I noticed that some of the navigational text bits on different pages are all big and headinglike, which is, frankly, bad.  I'm going to fix that over the next few days, if I don't forget again.

9/4/00 3:13 PM -- Updated autobiographical information aboot meself here, here and here, and noted on the Monkey's Choice Award page that the poor little award is now pretty much defunct.

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