The (not very) Prestigious

Monkey's Choice


Which has actually been sorta discontinued now, sorry.

You know you want it...

The Monkey's Choice Award -- given to sites that follow PaddedCell Productions' very strict (VERY strict! Hoo boy, strict!) regulations. Few will ever receive this choice award!

...okay, so that's a lie. Ya wanna know how you get this award? Make us smile. That's all. If we find your website to be humorous, amusing, kooky, or otherwise interesting in any way, you're a winner. The award is given out whenever we feel like it, which could mean three in one day or none for three months. It's all up to a) how many worthy applications we get, and b) how long we make it without giving in and awarding it to someone who didn't even apply, just 'cause we want to feel like we're getting some use out of the thing.

Some things that will NOT win you the Monkey's Choice award (written from Napoleon's point of view because it's currently after 2 AM and Random is in bed like any sane person):

This stuff is bad!

A preponderance of Java

I'm known to use a computer that doesn't even have a Java-equipped browser!
Midi mania I like to listen to my own music, buddy, not yours. Unless it's a midi of John Linnell's "Arkansas," I'm gonna shut that sucker off right away.
Graphical overload Sure, the web is a boring place without images. But if you stick every cool piece of clip art you've ever seen on one page and expect me to enjoy it, something's wrong with you.
aNnOyInG oR "3l33t" type Gawd. The instant I see that stuff, I just RUN the other way. Screaming. Loudly. Don't waste my time and yours with this madness.

Other than that, hey. Your design less than inspired? Doesn't neccessarily matter. Your html clumsy? We aren't even going to check it. If you think you've created something funny or unique, though, fill out an application. The worst we can do is say no. And just think, all it costs you is the 2 minutes it takes to fill out a form, and a link back to us if you win. So go for it!

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(I must warn you, the award's on hiatus indefinitely. You can submit, but most likely it won't get you anything.)

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