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Ditetracontahedron, CA 92842
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A message from the President

Wherever you see the not-so-famous-but-nevertheless-spiffy PaddedCell Productions logo, rest assured that you're viewing a quality product. When I refer to quality I am of course referring to quality of insanity. For we all know that is what truly matters; and even if it isn't, it should be anyway. At least, that's what I think. So there.

A message from the Vice-President

Whack 'em! Whack 'em!

Another message from the President


Another message from the Vice-President

Twig boy is gay!


PaddedCell Productions is

Napoleon -- President and co-founder.

Random -- Vice-President in charge of ducks and lighter fluid; co-founder.

Xidus -- All-Powerful Giver of Webspace; head of the Dept. of Wizardly Things.


Creations of PaddedCell Productions

Find-the-Monkey -- premier creation of PCP. Entertaining web-fun for all.

The Fish On Sticks Madness Page -- sheer madness, as the name implies.

PaddedCursors -- a new product of PCP! Actually, the only product of PCP.

The Paisley Side -- are you evil enough to join... the Paisley Side?

Antipointfulness^42! -- for the easily amused among us.

An update on the madness we're spreading

Chat with the minds behind PCP! 

What do megalomaniacs and their lizard queen friends do on holiday? Find out.

The Monkey's Choice Award -- you know you want to win it.

The President's page

The Vice-President's page

This piece of web madness created, implemented and maintained by Napoleon.
I like getting mail. Hint, hint.