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The Top 16 Differences if Nobody had Invented the Wheel

16> One less thing for Al Gore to claim he invented.

15> Amble-by shootings just don't send rival gangs the right message.

14> With cars up on blocks in front of every house on the planet, Jeff Foxworthy languishes in obscurity.

13> Parents around the world rejoice as nothing whatsoever on the bus goes 'round and 'round.

12> While much faster than 30 minutes, catapult system for pizza home delivery is still an inexact science.

11> Leather jackets or not, the Hell's Angels are far less intimidating on donkeys.

10> Abundance of gratuitous TV pogo stick chases by Pamela Anderson.

9> Drag racing, while more literal, is markedly less exciting.

8> 95% of retail space taken by Nike, leaving only 5% for Starbucks.

7> Roulette's not quite as exciting with everyone betting on the corners.

6> Major drop in teen pregnancies, as copulating on the back of a horse is not as much fun as it would seem to be.

5> James Dean's death from running head-first into a tree isn't nearly as romantic when there's no car involved.

4> Millions of slovenly hamsters with unsightly love-handles playing video games all day.


2> Ladies and Gentlemen: His Honor the President... Ted Kennedy!

and Topfive.com's Number 1 Difference if Nobody had Invented the Wheel...

1> Circusgoers marvel as 50 clowns manage to cram themselves into a small horse.

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