For a couple years, pretty much all of my art went towards my webcomic, Snail Dust.  However, lately I have branched into doing fantasy artwork as well.  The main place to see that is at my Elfwood gallery.  The finished products are there; here you will find works-in-progress, details, and lineart versions that exist for you (yes you!) to print out and color if you so choose.  

That being said:

Works in progress


Coloring time!

Temp versions of images that
exist in their final forms in my
Elfwood gallery.  Good for
comparison and whatnot.


Close-ups of certain areas
of various images, or bits
of explanation, or whatever
otherstuffs that don't really
fit elsewhere.


Black/white versions of the
images on Elfwood, free for
the download, ready to be
colored by whatever means
you feel like employing.

I used to have another version of this page up; it is here.

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