Works in progress

Temp versions of whatever I happen to have temp versions of.  It might be stuff that exists in a finished version in my Elfwood gallery -- meaning that the images here can be used as points of comparison for the curious -- or it might be something I'm working on but haven't finished yet.  Whichever.  In the case of the former, there'll be a link to the finished image for ease of comparison.

Snuggly elfies
Snuggly elfies
(temp version)

Guerrilla fairy 1 -- sketch
Guerrilla fairy 1

Mindie the very
stupid vampire
(temp version)

Fairy and snail -- sketch
Fairy and snail
(temp version)

Not-so-enchanted prince -- temp version
The not-so-
enchanted prince
(AKA Llamaboy)

Guerrilla fairy 2 -- sketch
Guerrilla fairy 2

Guerrilla fairy 3 -- sketch
Guerrilla fairy 3

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