Arty-type stuff I've done

(Note as of 3/10/2002: this is the original page that's been sitting around for about a year and a half now. I haven't changed anything besides adding this line and poking the page title.  All the stuff here is very, very old.  Just keep that in mind.

I get bored. And when I get bored, madness ensues. Specifically (in this case, anyway), artistic madness.

Below are some of the more notable artisticky things I've done, in  thumbnail form. Some are awful; some are good; and some are pretty darn spiffy. These are, of course, all my opinions. I don't claim to be an artist. I'm just a weirdo with a paint program or two.

Most of my recent (and ofttimes better!) work has something to do with Snail Dust.  You could give it a look-see if ya wanted.

1. The 'Ka-Tet', my starship in a (pretty much defunct) text-based game called Empire. Ship
2. "The Darkling One": I'm not sure whether this is my pitiful attempt at Goth-style mysticism or at Japanimation. However, it pretty much conclusively proves I should not try my hand at either one. Scary person
3. "Fairy Ring": this thing started out from a picture of my cat's face. Please don't ask. You don't want to know. Ring thing
4. View of my domed city in the aforementioned Empire. I rather like this one. Worked darn hard on it, too. City
5. Conceptual picture thing of my (summarily nuked with no warning and for no reason... blah) character in Empire, the Baroness Napoleon. She's a gunslinger. Good for her! Napoleon
6. A pink rose. Not much behind this one. Rose
7. Drawing thing of the roof of an imaginary bar called the Traveller's Rest. The light blue thing is a skylight. The dark blue and purple stuff is grass. Roof
8. This is... well, I'm not sure what it is. Sort of a sun, I guess, with clouds wisped around it. Or a fly's eye. I can't decide. It's one of my favorites, though, precisely because I don't know what the heck it is. Thing
9. The Dark Tower. If you know what it is, no explanation is needed. If you don't know, get thee to the bookstore -- you've got some Stephen King to read! The Tower
10. I think this is a sunflower. It's pretty disturbing, though, because, like "Fairy Ring," it started out as a picture of my cat's face... Sunflower
11. This is my favorite, simply because I created it while in an uncharacteristic mood of depression, and so it's all nifty and weird. There's even a little story behind it. It depicts a hillside burning. The person who set it on fire did so because it had once been a special place for her, but now it felt empty, and so she wanted to destroy it. Twisted, no? Fire!
12. Maurice the dragonfly. A friend asked me to draw this one for him; unlike the rest of the stuff on this page (so far, anyway), Maurice was not entirely done on the computer. I just digitally touched him up a bit here and there. Mostly, he's just ordinary pencil and watercolor, scanned for posterity. Blue dragonfly
13. "The Black Vote." The voting box has a 13 on it, so it's file 13, and it's mocking with the tongueness, and... yeah. First image I ever did with all the nifty features in PSP. Blah
14.  Another one that actually exists in real life. This is a pen-and-ink rendering of the Mansion, which anyone who's read The Waste Lands (by Stephen King, of course!) will find familiar. What's interesting is that the house I used for the basis of this was featured in the background of a Buick ad... and I've gone and turned it into a haunted mansion! It didn't scan too terribly well, but here it is. Be assured it looks better in real life. The Mansion... run Jake run!
15.  Watercolor flower thingy. No, it's not a rose (though it is quite roselike). I forget the name, but it was long and fancy-sounding. Flowerz

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