Princess and llamaboy
Once, long ago, there was a wishing-fairy, who would flitter about, finding people who were sad or troubled, that she might grant their wishes and thus make them happy. She'd been at it for quite some time, and figured she had a pretty good handle on this wish-granting business.

One day, the wishing-fairy came across a young princess who gave her pause. The princess was beautiful, wealthy, witty, well-loved by her people -- yet for all that, she was not happy. The wishing-fairy was not sure to do about this, for the princess had, it seemed, everything she might want -- and yet she was sad.

Then the wishing-fairy hit upon what seemed to her to be the obvious solution. The princess was lonely! She had no prince to court her and to slay dragons in her name. Plainly, then, what the princess needed was a prince. And this the wishing-fairy provided her.

Only problem was, the prince was a bloody idiot. And the princess didn't like him. At all.