Have you ever felt the fire
Of love burning strong?
Your eyes call me a liar
But I say You're wrong.

These things I say
I vow they are true.
To my dying day,
I'll always love you.

Your beauty is unmatched
By any I've seen.
Out of the whole batch
You should be queen.

My heart is before you.
Let it speak on its own.
I swear it beats true
That you are the one.

I know you are scared;
I can see your pain.
But I promise right here
It won't be the same.

I will give you
The whole of my heart
Forever to be true
And never to part.

Straight On Till Morning

Straight on till morning
That's the way I'm gonna stay
Watching the sun rise
Cause the dreams won't go away

Straight on till morning
Until the first light cracks the sky
Hoping the sun will come up again
And give me another chance to fly

Straight on till morning
Waiting right here for you
Because I can't sleep alone
And I think you know that's true

Straight on till morning
Life won't wait for me to rest
And I need every single second
Making them count to my best

Straight on till morning
The song remains the same
I love you more than anything
And that's driving me insane

Straight on till morning
So far we've done it alright
Holding each other till the dawn
Holding on through the night

Straight on till morning
But I don't know how much longer I'll go
Cause sooner or later it crumbles
And that's something we both know

Untitled (a poem written for Napoleon)

Starside, Sunside, Center
It doesn't really matter where.
The darkest hour, the Witching Hour:
You were always there.

I never expected to find you
Where the Path of the Beam did lie.
And to think, for quite some time,
We simply passed each other by.

But then we began talking,
And slowly we became friends.
I showed you a verse or two;
And knew it did only just begin.

A simple moment of weakness,
A talk that lasted all night.
In the darkest hour, Witching Hour,
You were a beacon burning bright.

And so now, all I have to repay
Those long dark vigils with you
Is nothing more than a simple poem
I hope that it will do.

This piece of web madness created, implemented and maintained by Napoleon.
I like getting mail. Hint, hint.

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