She is an angel, earthbound
And she doesn't even know it
Bright, shining star

When she smiles, my heart sings
The sky is no limit
To the happiness she gives me

Yet her smiles are for him
All I want is her happiness, her smile
Even if it belongs to him, not me

The smile of that angel, that star
Is all I could ask for
When she smiles, the world makes sense

Her touch makes me burn
And her voice is sweetest surrender
But her smile is all that counts

As Sam says, "Not finished, I need a final stanza... oh yeah, and it doesn't rhyme!! Blimey!"

"The Oak"

The mighty Oak Tree
Stands tall and proud and strong
But things were not always this way

The Oak was once a tiny seed
His soil was not fertile
The climate was hostile
And still the Oak grew
He was trod upon by oncoming feet
The weeds and trees nearby threatened him
And still the Oak grew

The Oak grew stronger because of his trials
The Oak grew alone
And while other trees bent in the wind
And some broke in the wind
The Oak was still
He was stronger than the wind
Stronger than the trees
Stronger than anything that opposed him
He would not break or bend
He would be

One day a beautiful bird came to the Oak
She built her nest in the Oak's strong arms
The Oak welcomed her
And was in love with the bird
She was the first to look past his tough bark
And ignore how hard the Oak was
To see how beautiful the Oak could be
She fell in love with the Oak
They comforted each other in hard times
And rejoiced together in good times
They depended on each other

One day winter came
And the beautiful bird left
The Oak was saddened
But still he was strong
He knew the bird would return
And rebuild her nest in his arms

One day spring came
And the beautiful bird returned
The Oak was happy
And opened his arms to her
But the bird would not rebuild her nest
She had found other trees
Different trees with prettier bark
Different trees that were softer
She wanted to build her nest in those trees

The Oak was saddened
But still he was strong
He knew the bird would return
And she did
But she never built her nest in his strong arms
More birds would come to her nest when it was in other trees
And that was more important than the comfort of the Oak

Without the bird's nest the Oak was lost
He asked other birds to build their nest in his strong arms
And while many stopped
And found the Oak's strength was comfortable
None would stay to build their nests

The Oak began to sway in the wind
And grew prettier bark
Again he asked the beautiful bird
To build her nest in his arms
But still she would not
She had found a tree that all the birds liked
And decided to build her nest there

The Oak was saddened
And began to get weak
When winter came
The Oak was bent over in the wind
He wanted to be broken
But he couldn't
For his roots were too strong
When spring came
The Oak set himself right
He was once again tall and strong and proud

One day a bird came to the Oak
She wanted to build a nest in his arms
But the Oak would not let her
His strong arms were closed to all
The Oak was still when the wind blew

One day the wind blew too strong
Still the Oak would not bend
And so he was broken

The mighty Oak tree
Lies broken and battered and still
But things were not always this way

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