"I wrote this one over a weekend when I could swear that I descended into out-and-out madness. I woke up on the beach with notebook in hand and poem on paper... I honestly don't remember writing it (and when you read it, you'll see that I didn't really write most of it)."

I am the captain of my fate,
I am the master of my soul!
O captain, my captain
A simple sailor on the seas of fate
Imprisoning me
Absolute HORROR
The Madness creeps in
Rage, Rage
What will I do?
Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light
Don't stop the fight
Truest oblivion

What's my problem?
Why am I here?
Cold and Hard and Final
Dear Honor's sake...
The Madness creeps in on little cat feet
Just your average love poem
Rage, Rage
Rage, Rage
Dying of the
Do not go gentle
And when the music stops there is only
For life is
For thine is
For life
and nothing else

"One Last Cry"

"It's one of my first poems, and the very first poem that got people to think I was going to commit suicide :) Of course, it's not like that, the poem's a catharsis... but how many people even know that word?"

Calling for help-
Can't you hear my cries?
Losing my heart-
Don't you see me die?

Lost in the dark
Seeking a hand
Holding onto nothing
Alone I will stand

On my knees and praying
To something not there
Hoping for guidance
From one who won't care

Don't you see the anguish
Behind my mirrored eyes?
Can't you hear the despair
Underneath my laughing lies?

Someone give me help
Lead me to peace
No one seems to care
My life could just cease

What can I do
To show you my pain?
Slash open my wrists
Pour blood down the drain?

Why aren't you here
When I need you the worst?
Gone like the wind
Why am I cursed?

Is this my lot?
Is this my fate?
To live in Hell
This life I so hate

The mighty are fallen
The proud on their knees
I see the door to happiness
But I've lost the keys

I have no purpose
No focus, no goal
What do I do
With an empty soul

Why don't you believe
Anything I say?
I joke a lot
I'm not always that way!

What more can I do?
Nothing will work!
The things I say
You greet with a smirk

To Hell with you all!
I need not a one
Standing alone
It's all said and done

"The Quest for Dreams"

"I wrote this after a real bad breakup with the girl I was ready to take as my wife. I haven't been the same since, and this poem sums things up for the broken hearted Maverick quite nicely."

Here I stand alone...
Or am I?
There are so many people holding their hands out for me
Or so it seems
But looks are so deceiving

I would still be alone
She is the only one
She is the part of me I never knew I had
The girl of my dreams before I even dreamt
And I never knew until it was too late

I only have one wish
Even though it will never come true
You must hold onto your hopes
Never let your dreams die
Because sometimes that is all that is left

Life is nothing more than a battle now
Everything has lost its shine since that long ago day
I see some things easier now
And some things I am blind to
But what does it all matter?

We were born to die
In the span of a lifetime we must live
Or it doesn't matter
Why should it?
If everything is just dust in the wind

My deepest fear
Is that I am no longer living
Just acting like it
And the worst part is
It's coming true

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