"The Long Walk"

"No, this one isn't King inspired ;) It's one I wrote sitting in Economics class, a depressing enough situation, right before presenting it to the other woman in my life."

I struggle, I fight
What's it all worth?
We were destined to die
From the time of our birth

This world is senseless
Our lives have no reason
We go through the motions
From season to season

The point is lost on me
So many things I cannot see
My life is an endless fight
A darkest time without a light

I walk, I run
I'll get there someday
But no matter where I go
My pain will always stay

Can you help me stand
When I've lost the will?
It may take some time
Will you be there still?

I need your help to fight
To guide me through the night
To carry me when I fall
To help me through it all

You laugh, you scoff
My demands are too great
And when you're ready to meet them
You find it's too late

I'll be missed, I'm sure
By only a few
And maybe then you'll know
How much I needed you

You were there and then you were gone
Like the perfect sky at the break of dawn
For a moment there I thought I could smile
But alone I walked the long, final mile

"She read it once and burst into tears. 'I won't let you walk alone,' she promised..."


"... and then went and moved way out yonder away from me. I wrote this one the day I saw her off."

I don't know how to live through this hell
All I know is that I'm not doing well
Where am I? I'm lost in the night
Where are you? you were my light
Now you're gone, you've left me alone
Broke and beat me without using a stone
You were my all, the point of my life
You're still everything, but only for strife
Leave me alone! Get out of my head!
You already have, I might as well be dead

"Yeah, it's very rough... that's what you get after driving all night and only by purest luck (or perhaps Ka?) finding the bus terminal she's taking. You try writing a poem in a crowded, busy, stinky, bus station."

"The Stand of a Maverick"

"So after a time of tears, I wrote this. It's sort of like a mission statement, or something like that. Regardless, it's the poem that marked a major turning point in my life."

I have walked from the jaws of lions
And still the Reaper is just one step behind me
Death is stalking, waiting
But he will not have me
I will end the game when I want to
Nothing controls my fate
I stand alone
And though I may tire
I will never fall
And though I may stumble
I will never fall
What does not bend, must be broken
What will happen to me?

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