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This page is reserved for thoughts and meditations on Spam and Its nature from Spammists and non-Spammists alike. If you wish to have a comment placed on this page, you may submit below.

The most heavenly Spam

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TwigBoy: And I'm on the last slice of Spam. "Spam anyone?" "Just one more?"  And  Jesus raised the can to the heavens, and as he brought it down, the can was full. and the people ate and ate from the can of Spam, and it never was made empty.

Random: Typo spoke to me earlier. He said 'For the great Meat is my brother, so you must worship us both as equals.' And I said 'Sure, Typo dude.' I corrected the typos in my quoting of Him btw.

A note: Typoism is the worship of the great god Typo, the only begotten son of Guddha, god of cheese.

The Duck: How can we worship Spam if we don't know what the heck sodium nitrite is? Mmmm, Spammy.

The Spam Avenger: The Spam didst speak unto me in my slumber one night in the form of a vision. The Spam, in all it's holy glory, didst say unto me that I should go forth in the world to avenge all crimes against the great Spam. It gave unto me a shining sword of the purest Spamite existing and a shield worthy to reflect the glory of Spam. Now I go forth into the world and rid it of all heinous crime against the Spam, be Its name forever holy and glorified. SPAM!

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