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Image stolen from http://meltingpot.fortunecity.com/justin/247/minkies.html

Don't worry, I'm not about to start quoting from 'I Like Monkeys', only substituting 'sea monkeys' where applicable. There are other places for that. This page is really, truly about sea monkeys. I got them on August 18, 1999, and I've fallen quite in love with the little creatures.

For now, I've not got much more than links and blurry pictures. My minkeys have gotten a bit bigger, so they are a tad more scannable, though that's not saying much.. This picture (taken from another site) is pretty neet, though.

sea monkey

Pictures of my wonderful beautiful sea monkeys


The Sea-Monkeys Worship page -- the Sea Monkey Lady is cool!

Darya's Sea Monkeys -- wanna adopt virtual sea monkeys?

This page has a few nice pictures, including an animated gif which I stole.

Official Webbed Site (www.sea-monkey.com) -- Fun info, and hey, with a url like that, how can you not visit it? They list products and stuff, though you can't buy from there; that's what

Amazon.com is for. They have the Ocean of Light, the Ocean Zoo, the Ocean of Wonder, the Magic Castle and the Fun Time Aquarium Watch (Which is really cool! Trust me, I own one!).

Top Hat Toys has Sea Monkey products; some stuff is cheaper than at Amazon.com, when you consider that Top Hat's s&h is already included in the price. However, these guys take longer to ship than Amazon, and I don't know about you, but I'm quite impatient!

Simply Sea Monkeys WebRing

The Sea-Monkeys Appreciation Society

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