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Tiny baby sea monkeysAugust 29 -- I put a few of them in a glass and scanned it five times, then assembled the best parts of each picture into a single collage. And if that picture is too dark...

More tiny baby sea monkeys Either late August or the first couple days of September -- This is a picture of the tank. You can barely see a couple minkeys in the circle. Click on the picture for a larger, slightly tweakified one, where the minkeys are more visible. The large whitish things on the edges of the circle are not minkeys, but decorative bubbles on the outside of the tank.

Minkeys!October 1 -- same as the first image, I scanned the aquarium off my Fun Time Watch five times, then cut out the minkeyless portions. Psst... hey, kids, buy the watch. It's spiffy!

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