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Thankeesai, traveler, you are the [I need a counter, don't I?]th+839 person to wander the Path of the Beam since March of 1999

This page is almost an exact carbon copy of one I've got up on AOL. If you need your tower fix, go there. This puppy's under major construction.

The Path of the Beam is dedicated to Stephen King and the Gunslinger series... many thanks to those who have, whether wittingly or no, contributed to my website.

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Hile, traveler, and welcome to the Path of the Beam.  We are well met, I hope.

You look to be weary of traveling, friend.  Sit and rest with me a while, and perhaps we can talk for a spell -- discuss how the world has moved on, mayhap, or how the Rose may be in danger... yes, terrible danger, I think.  Or mayhap we'll talk of the Tower.  You start, friend; then you have heard of the Tower?  A myth, some say, but we know better...

The Tower is no more a myth than the earth or the sky; and perhaps it is more real than these, for when the Tower falls all else shall fall as well.  I see by the look in your eyes you agree, though perhaps after you leave here you will convince yourself it is not so.  Still, while you are here you can admit to yourself what you know to be true.  And we can speak of the Tower, and how its end will be the end of all.

So come with me now if you will, friend, and we will talk of these things.  Life for your crop, and life for mine; and when the dark draws nigh let us fear Old Man Splitfoot perhaps a little less than we would alone.  Yes, I'd say we are well met indeed.




To the best of my knowledge, Counter people have trod the Path of the Beam since its creation eons ago... but no one can be sure. The world has moved on.


So goodeven to you, and may you fare well, whether you remain for a time on the Path of the Beam, or whether you follow the inscrutable exhortations of your soul and seek another way.  Remember the face of your father, and stand true, and when you come to your own Tower may you face it with valor.  But before you go let me pose a question to you -- a riddle to beat the devil, one might say.  The more you see of this, the less it is.  May you find the answer, and all else you seek.  Good luck to you, friend.

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Traveller's Rest -- construction postponed due to laziness of its creator; will be dedicated to DT-based writings and art, if I ever take it up again.

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