About n.x.n

Napoleon.Xidus.Net is not a business website. Though I'll gladly take your money, I'm not selling anything. Nor do I offer anything, aside from free entertainment, free posting of worthy prose and poetry (email for details), and a tour of the frightening world that is my mind. (And banner ad swaps with Find-the-Monkey, but that's a different story.) This is just a site o' fun, run by me, Napoleon.

You will find many things here. Some things you will not find, however, are Javascript and Shockwave. I refuse to use them. The way I figure it, if people using less-than-top-of-the-line browsers (such as myself) can't enjoy my work, why do I bother working at all? So I stay simple and rely on creativity rather than programming to get my ideas across. (This does not, of course, apply to the Java whiteboard, since it's not actually my work.)

I suggest you explore this world thoroughly. Dive in. Have fun. Send money. No, wait, you don't have to send money. Just send email.

n.x.n wouldn't exist without the cheerful wizardry of Xidus. Let's all give him a hand.

This piece of web madness created, implemented and maintained by Napoleon.
I like getting mail. Hint, hint.