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The Sheriff's handgun gave a thundering report in the small confines of the dungeon as he blasted into the ranks of roaches. The shot had no effect other than gouging a furrow into the ground, but it made him feel better.

"Think, man, think!" he exhorted himself, looking about desperately.

Lilith opened fire into the legion of creepie-crawlies, her eyes darting back and forth in a vain attempt to find a way out.

It didn't hit him the first time he saw it, but when the Sheriff's eyes crossed the weird rock on the table, his mind was going full bore.

Running behind his companion, Sam snatched up the large stone and held it aloft. "So we're playing Creepshow tonight? Ok, how do you like these apples, JORDY?!"

King threw his hands up, trying to protect himself from whatever the rock might do. The Sheriff hurled the meteor with all his might, and the thing struck King with a solid thud. At that moment, the roaches seemed to lose whatever coherency and focus they had, and the group stopped advancing.

As they watched, a pale green glow spread out and enveloped King, freezing him in place.

"Time to go!" he shouted, dashing up the stairs and out of the damned dungeon. The fresh air that greeted his nose was heavenly. He was halfway out the door when little black spots began dancing in his field of vision.

"Oh great," he muttered, catching himself on the door frame before he fell into the oblivion of unconsciousness.

"No rest for the weary," Lil said, appearing beside him suddenly and slipping his arm over her strong shoulder. "We need to be away."

Sam nodded, having more than enough to occupy himself dealing with the drug-induced vertigo. "Dirty sonofa... I'm never buying him drinks again!"

Finally, after what seemed several hours of constant spinning and swimming in blackness, they came to a place the gunslinger decided safe to rest at.

"Ye daft, man?" Lilith asked, squinting.

"No, drugged," Sam slurred out.

He surveyed the surroundings. The place was covered in a fine mist that, coupled with the almost howling wind, chilled him to the bone. From his vantage point, it appeared that all of the surrounding homes were boarded up, and most looked neglected and in need of repairs.

The Sheriff scratched at his head. "I'd say the Wizard of Oz line, but it's been done."

When Lilith examined him again, probably looking for signs of obvious mental illness, he continued. "I mean, this isn't the place that I started out from. This is a completely different town.

"There, see those signs? Madder and McClendon... I've never seen those street signs before."

The sound of leathery, flapping wings made both of them bolt up, guns ready. It wasn't long before the sight of something large and purple flying through the mist passed their field of vision.

There was a tense moment when the thing slowed down as it passed by the pair, but it quickly resumed its course and sped on into the blankness.

"I don't even want to know," the Sheriff said, holstering his pistol. "Let's just get the hell out of Dodge."

Lilith then aimed both her pistols at him, and it was pure reaction that caused him to drop to his butt on the pavement below. Reaction, or lots of fear.

Twin gunshots rang into the stillness and the flying thing gave a wail as it died. She bent over to examine the corpse, but Sam pulled her back as he climbed to his feet.

"I really don't want to know. Let's boogie."

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