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I SUPPOSE YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE ME WHEN I say that I have lived my whole life without ever seeing the sun. That is all right; I am not interested in making you believe me. I have a story to tell. You can like it, or not, and when it is over we will part and go our separate ways. But for now, you will listen, and I will tell you what I have to say.

I have no shocking confessions to give. My parents do not keep me locked up in the basement. I am not a freak, or a mutant, or a cult member. I have simply never seen the light of the sun.

America is no more. I will tell you this right away, though saying it can get me killed. If you state this in public, of course, the Central Government will deny it. It will point to all the accomplishments this nation has made since the coming of Central rule. It will laugh you off as just another paranoid crackpot.

And then you will disappear.

Democracy? Liberty? Don't make me laugh. These are foolish dreams, dead and buried two centuries ago.

America is gone. The Central Government rules from a gutted Washington.

And their orders go unquestioned in this great land of slaves.

IN 2013 WE WERE INVADED BY THE FORCES OF Greece. People laughed at that, of course; Greece was a nothing in world politics, decimated economically by the introduction of the Eurodollar 14 years before. Yes, people had themselves a good laugh at those nutty Greeks... until we started losing. Laughter just doesn't sound the same in a slaughterhouse.

Reports from the front lines were quickly repressed. It didn't matter; bad news has a way of traveling. Everyone knew when Washington surrendered.

And when President S----- surrendered this proud nation to the Greeks.

Within a year America went from being land of the free, home of the brave to land of the Greek, home of the slaves. Of course, Central Government claimed we'd go on just like always. People believed it. Too bad for them.

You see, above ground, history has been rewritten. But we of the underground have access to information, books and magazines and newspapers, here in our stronghold, written from an American viewpoint -- unheard of in the world above us. We know what the general population does not -- we know what life was like before the Greek invasion.

Central Government claims that the world before 2013 was filled with poverty, pestilence, disease, violence. That the world was a terrible place to live, and America was worst of all: billions of people jammed into slums, sick and starving, while a handful of rich men lived in luxury. All in all, Central Government claims smugly, life has improved a thousandfold since the invasion. And the mass of the people believes this -- after all, they have no proof to the contrary.

But we of the Resistance do. We know that, while life was hardly perfect, it was reasonably pleasant for the people of America. Some were poor, yes, some were cold, some hungry, but the vast majority lived in a state of, if not luxury, at least comfort.

Now? Now billions of Americans are jammed into slums, sick and starving, while a handful of rich Greek officials live in luxury.

What a surprise.

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