Reply Hazy, Ask Again Later

You come on the wind to this place, invaders, and your lie of peace is soon tossed aside so that the assimilation process can start. And then we have two choices: we can die or we can die. You give us these choices in the spirit of mercy, of peace and harmony and openmindedness, that you all seem to have in such happy abundance. We can die by your hand and leave this earth, join our ancestors before our time -- or we can die a living death. And this living death is a thousand thousand times worse than any other, because it is suicide; we kill our spirits to toil for the rest of our lives as servants of your religion, kill our unity, our culture, and become more Christian drones. If we would rather remain as we are -- as we have been for generations -- you slaughter us in the name of your god, since our example could cause your drones to become individuals again, and that is obviously something to be avoided at all costs. So you kill us, pitiful renegades that we are, and thus preserve your status as civilized men.

But tell me one thing before you kill me--

How many must die before this becomes wrong?

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