Would You Like To Come Over To My House?

Would you like to come over to my house?
I've got a lovely evening planned.
First we'll watch cartoons on my big screen TV
And I will tell you about myself.
I am Napoleon, did I tell you that?
It's true.
At around 6:00 we'll dine together
And then I will introduce you to my army of rats and lizards.
We're planning to take over the world, you see.
Yes, when the Lizard Queen gets here we will move out.
We will strike fast and hard, we will take no prisoners and accept no defeat.
They will talk about our daring attack strategies for decades to come.
I think we'll take Disneyland first.
Would you like to come over to my house?
Come with me and we'll fly kites in the rain,
We'll barbecue the patio furniture
And watch the mice and lizards as they romp happily over my collection of antique paper clips.
I am Napoleon, did I tell you that?
I feel the men in the white coats are getting closer.
They're after me, you know.
They tell me I'm not Napoleon.
Pfft. What do they know?
I am too Napoleon.
And would you like to come over to my house?
The doctors used to tell me I was a dangerous psychopath with homicidal tendencies, but I'm better now.
At least the voices in my head say I am.
There's 42 of them, you know,
And they all agree I am Napoleon.
So... would you like to come over to my house?


This piece of web madness created, implemented and maintained by Napoleon.
I like getting mail. Hint, hint.