Curtsey to me, and I'll bow to you, and we'll make our acquaintances;
You know me as Dearborn, and so I'll be for now.
If you love me, then love me, for I love you,
And so we will, though it break every rule of law and common sense.

Susan, lovely girl at the window

Bird and bear and hare and fish,
Give my love her fondest wish:

A summer of secrets, as Reaping draws closer,
As the witch watches on from her hill.
It's the grapefruit, by which I mean it's the pink one.
Gaze not too deeply, on your life!
--For not all killers carry guns.

We'll meet at Citgo, you and I,
By the ancient machines that go on and on,
Blindly serving the whims of masters long dead.

We'll play castles for a while,
Not knowing it's fate we're facing,
Or how Ka and coincidence have placed us in the middle of history,
A summer not only of secret love, but of danger
And revolt.

They shall catch us, you and me,
And while I'll escape by my gunslinger's wits
You'll be the one to wear the badge of traitor,
And be placed among the stuffy-guys,
Your hands painted red --

And I'll watch as you burn.
As you burn, as you go, calling me, calling them,
Bird, and bear, and hare, and fish...

Give my love her fondest wish.



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