Others drift through life
But I have a purpose.
I have a mission.
I carry God's word.

My God, not your god.
Your god is wrong.
I know it makes no sense now
But trust me, it will.

Once I've brought to you the word
Of my God and my Savior,
You'll understand it all.
You'll see the truth.

My truth, not your truth.
Your truth is wrong.
And once I've helped you see the light
Then you'll agree.

I am right and you are wrong.
Your life is but a lie.
You're forever condemned to hell
Unless your faith is strong.

My faith, not your faith.
Your faith is wrong.
You don't believe me now
But you will before I'm done.

Your savage ways will bow before
The coming of my holy word.
You'll wake up from your pagan sleep
And see this is the only way.

My way, not your way.
Your way is wrong.
And I will not rest -- neither will you --
Until you've pledged your soul to God.

This is how I prove my faith,
By bringing it to others.
There may be no other beliefs.
This is the word of my God.

My God, not your god.
Your god is wrong.
So saith the Lord -- in his infinite wisdom --
And kindness, and patience, and love.

6/1/98 & 11/28/98


Some people have expressed discomfort with this poem. If it made you feel uncomfortable, dizzy, distressed, nauseous, or icky in any way, look here before sending me hate mail. There's a link there for you to send the hate mail to, I promise.

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