End of an Era

Summer sun and countryside
And a park with pretty flowers.
Paper sisters, and friends,
They skip down the paths together
Run beside the water
Scream and jump in delighted terror
When the little frogs hop away.

They play at happiness for a while,
Their summer-vacation smiles glowing
And their summer-vacation laughter pealing away on the breeze,
But all their smiles and all their laughs
Cannot disguise the growing chill in the air,
Or the sudden loud rusling as birds leave the trees,
Heading south.
Two little girls
Playing and laughing and living and loving
Cannot stop the progress of time,
Of tomorrow,
Of forever,
School fast approaching, fall with its rich colors and earthy smells,
And the promise of another and another year of life, of childhood left behind
The end of an era.


This one is notable only because it started out as magnetic poetry. (You know, you have words on nift little magnetic tiles, and you assemble them as you see fit.) After about the seventh line, it just turned into freestyle poetry, though. Foooooo.

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