Dark Poems

Disclaimer: no, I'm not suicidal. Nor was I at the time when I wrote these (Late November, 1998, mostly in my 3rd-period ROP class, sitting bored in the computer lab. Room 42! Nevermind...). In fact, I was in a pretty darn good mood that entire fall for some reason. I don't know where these poems came from. All I know is, they're here now. Enjoy.


Bracelets of fortune cleaved asunder
Scarlet butterflies, roll of thunder
White-hot lightning in empty spaces
Fading thoughts, receding paces.

Leaving all known things behind
Cold winds whirling through the mind.
Waterfall of being, go
Conscious thought join crimson flow.

Warm red tide of life, run faster
Of my soul I am the master.
Join the earth and join the mud
Sacrifice of thee, my blood.


Untitled death poem

My heart a trembling butterfly
So fearful and so frail
My soul a swirling winter wind
That howls to no avail
My eyes twin orbs of wonderment
Now growing still and drawn
My life a fading ember
Dark, and darker still, then gone.


Untitled poem

The darkness draws nigh, and I hunger to go with it
To ride upon the wind and to fling my cares upon it
To leave my life, cast it aside
And be one with Forever.
To feel no pain, no earthly sorrow
To laugh with the stars and become Tomorrow
But to the earth my soul is bound
Until my life I sever.


Re-disclaimer: I'm not suicidal, I'm not a Goth (I'd make an odd Goth, I must say... imagine one wearing a TMBG t-shirt, holding a graphing calculator with the words 'Don't Panic' inscribed on it in large, friendly letters, and grinning cheerfully for no sane reason), I'm just the Napoleonic Mad Poetess. Thank you for your time.

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