These are all homemade .wavs, somewhere in the neighborhood of half a meg each. They exist simply to get people to say "Ooooh... I like this stuff! I'm gonna go out and buy TMBG music now!" Especially the ones from Long Tall Weekend. (note, no one sue me please, I'm trying to increase sales of LTW, no one in their right mind would listen to these .wavs repeatedly...)


Reprehensible -- this is my favorite song off LTW.

Certain People I Could Name -- this one isn't far behind...

Wanna buy LTW? Go here... c'mon, it's only nine bucks!


Montana -- one of John Linnell's State Songs. My gosh, but this man is a musical genius. If you want a full mp3 of this, way better quality than my puny .wav, go here. I think it's about two megs but it's worth it.

More coming, possibly.

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