These are various screenshots I have pulled from the game because they amuse me.  You can find a whole lot more here.

Uh, divided by approximate age now, because there's so damn many.

Okay, WAY too much information here.  |  Heh heh... zombie waitress.  |  How nice for you.  |  Swallow this.  |  Suuuuuure it is.  |  What the hell kind of a wussy attack is THIS?!  |  Oh, no, ANYTHING but that!  |  "I don't CARE if the world's in imminent danger of destruction, young man, you come in RIGHT NOW!"  | that Argus?  |  Oh, yeah?  Well, you look like an undead Mickey Mouse.  So ha.  |  Oh, THAT's what you're smoking, then, is it?  |  Apparently an interior decorator cult.  |  So... what exactly is a "normal" cultist, then?  Sane?  |  Hmm... I'm guessing... no.  |  Hey, everyone!  The programmers are trading dirty jokes!  |  Woah... bipolar.  |  Dude, lay off the ants.  |  Don't quit your day job.  |  I'm still trying to decide whether this is a pun or not...  |  Well, SOMEONE's got issues.  |  ...  |  *whimper*  Hold me...  |  This is why there are no great zombie philosophers.  |  Yah, he's, like, totally grody!  

Er... whoops.  Knew I forgot something.  |  Good lord, the cops are ferretshocking.  |  Shark Angst  |  Welp, I'm dead.  |  Yeah, I'm scared now...  |  Um, helLO, is it any of YOUR business?  |  ... .....ow?  |  Now that I'm technically a government employee, this amuses me a lot more.  |  Big words for a guy who I beat with one smack of the bat.  Spanky.  |  Wait, wait... I did all that, but they're the bullies?  |  Uh... they're really, really depressed?  |  Hey, screw you.  |  Dude!  You're my new best friend!  |  Well, it makes about as much sense as most fashion trends.  |  You have weird dreams.

Yes, I'm sure it's the sidewalk's fault.  |  Rather a friendly board.  |  You just keep telling yourself that...  |  Don't leave home without it!  brains  |  I'll feign interest.  |  AHAHAHA THAT'S SO FUNNY!!!  I don't get it.  | it me?  |  The poor thing will never get any self-esteem if you call it THAT...  |  I don't look very bright?  You can't count!  [  ...thanks, dad.  |  ......thanks, dad.  |  .......You're a horrible father.  ]  Uh, yeah.  |  The weird guy was delivering pizza?  |  Hoo boy, I'm scared now!  |  Mr. Saturn logic  |  Riiiight.  You've been snorting the Fly Honey, haven't you.  |  Mr. Saturn!  Have!  Short attention!  Span!  |  Hee hee hee.  |  That Mr. Saturn, such a tease  |  Whee!  Let's go defile graves!  |  MooOOOOM, you're EMBARRASSING me!

Right.  |  Delicious tasties!  For me to eat?  |  What the hell?  Is she planning to eat me or something?  |  The Fourside Tourism Bureau must have fun explaining this.  |  ...well?!  |  Golly gee, anything but that!  |  Oh, that's good then.  |  ...what?  |  Y... eah.  |  Hey, watch what you say about my mom.  |  HA!  WRONG!  |  Yes, thank you for translating that.  |  This monkey's gone to heaven?  |