Really weird stuff

No, I mean it, this stuff is weird. Weeeeeird. See, I'm constantly uploading and re-uploading webpages, and sometimes... well, sometimes, what I see in my editor isn't what I get online. Stuff shows up on my pages -- sometimes instead of my pages -- and I never know what it is. In the past I've simply eeeeked and deleted the offending material. Now, however, I've decided (with some help from the Idea Girl, as per usual) to post links to the oddness. I've left everything as is, just renaming the files so they're not blocking my uploads. You see what I see, what caused me to blink and say "That's weird."

Something that was supposed to be a poem -- somehow, someone's address book wound up on top of my page. Not my address book, either.

Something that was supposed to be a test of the Napplication -- and yet it's some weird image! Freaky, no? -- NOTE: now a dead link because I was an idiot and deleted the page. I'll fix it up later.

Something that was supposed to be part of Lilith and the Y -- what is that? It kinda looks like one of those wooden doggies on a string... remember those? I used to have one when I was a kid. Man, I loved Fisher-Price.

A slightly wonkified GGSW page -- well, that says it all, really.

Hey, this isn't a pair of weirdkimos! -- the Idea Girl suggested that AOL's ftp keeps switching my uploads with other people's, and so somewhere, some poor person was heard to remark... "What are these eskimos doing on my jewelry page?!"

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