The Great Grocery Store Watch

Something interesting I've been noticing the last few years: all the grocery stores around here (here being Fullerton, CA), have been playing musical chairs. No, I'm serious. Mergers, chains spreading from back east; it's a madhouse. So today, while viewing a page documenting the colors of exit signs across America (link pending), I had an idea. Why not document the variety and availability of different grocery chains across the nation? Haven't you ever wondered where people shop in, say, Kentucky or Maine or even out here in good ol' California?

So, if you'd be so kind as to fill out the form I've here, I will be most appreciative. Help satisfy the scientific curiosity of millions! Well, maybe not millions. I'm sure five or six people would care, anyway.

[Spiffy map of USA with key marking locations of different stores pending]

Hello, my name is . My email is . I live in . These are the major grocery and drug stores out here: .

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