Note: this is old. Like, really old. The Napoleonic world-domination force's recruition department has largely broken down, and while we're always taking applications, we can't guarantee anyone's being accepted any time soon. Nevertheless, the form is left as is, broken link to the Napoleonic Network and all, just in case it again becomes necessary to know who not to kill when the revolution comes.

Napplication for Napoleonic favor

Before filling this application out please take a moment to read the terms of Napoleonic Associate Membership Status. If you understand and agree with these terms, by all means, continue with the application. If you do not agree or cannot understand the terms, don't come whining to me... ;)

Your full name or amusing alias:
Email address: (e.g.:
Homepage (if any)

Please list any megalomaniacs you can think of other than me [Napoleon], and tell me what chance you think they have against me. (Note: the text in the boxes is just there for show, feel free to overwrite it with what you have to say.)

List, in order of preference, three countries, one of which you might like to have for your -own- when I have taken over the world {{NOTE: USA, British Isles, Russia, Australia, China, New Zealand, Guam, and any country containing a "Z" have already been claimed; requesting these will result in an automatic rejection of your application}}.

Please tell me in 500 or less words why you want to be a Napoleonic associate, and what you have to offer to the Napoleonic cause of world domination.

Please list 3 persons you would like to have spared when I have taken over the world {{SORRY, NO MORE THAN 4 PERSONS INCLUDING YOURSELF CAN BE SPARED}}.

Please tell me why I should trust you to be one of my associates.

List all the associations, societies, cults, or other assemblies you belong to, and explain in 500 words or less why being a Napoleonic associate would be far more important to you than all these things put together.

Please comment, in 500 words or less, on my tastes and hobbies as expressed in the various sites upon the Napoleonic Network (to refresh your memory as to the content of these sites click here), and explain to what degree you approve of or disapprove of said tastes and hobbies.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

You're done. Please choose your fate below by clicking one of the buttons:

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